The art of war dating watch naiibang hayop online dating

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by Vatican I've read Sun Tzu's "The Art of War" dozens of times and it's only recently that I feel it's become ingrained in my mind. Persistence without flexibility is asinine, persistence with flexibility is gold. Once you see victory is assured, draw it out--this is foreplay. Listen to those who are successful, ignore the others. A cool drink tastes better after she hasn't had one for a while. Getting them to chase you by taking something they want is called feeding off them for baits--this is the peak of efficiency. Make sure she spends more time thinking of you than you spend thinking of her. The more women and options you have, the more indifference you have and more rested, full, and content you are.

Here is my version of Sun Tzu's basic principles, adapted for this site. Befriend their friends, go to where they cannot help but be. Know everything about them but be unknowable to them. Be sometimes subtle, sometimes blunt, always unpredictable. Strike like rocks on eggshells, always strike a weaker power with your strong, content, indifferent power. This is called being unpredictable to increase intensity and this is called making them wait to create anticipation, too. Never work on any less than two women at any one time. Let the place you are in with her intensify her experience of you.

(Which is why so many of them go for Bad Boys, but that’s a whole other conversation…) So understand that as part of her reflexive Shit Testing of guys, she’s going to object to a lot of what you say.

For example, if she dismisses you because you’re “too old” for her, instead of agreeing and slinking away, feeling old and dejected, you’re going to let her know, that unlike all the little boys she’s been dating, it’s time she had a man who is experienced and actually knows what he’s doing.

The other side is if she says you’re “too young,” you follow up by telling her that you’re willing and eager to learn, and want a sexy older woman to guide you.

You want to show her you’re not just going to go along with whatever she says. I get asked that question more than any other, and to me, that’s like asking someone, “Where’s the best place to buy a car?

Every woman is different, has different weaknesses. Always know more about her than she does about you. Take away their energy and their desire to resist and play games by exhausting them with baits and game-playing of your own. Don't push too hard--pushing hard for love is their job.

He's a much decorated veteran of the dating war and hasbeen captured by the enemy--twice.This is what the ancient warriors called "mind-f**king". Create vulnerability in them, stay flexible and ready, strike hard at the exact right moment. Keep in mind that there is some humor in here, but the advice is all real. Lie shamelessly one moment, the next moment be completely, selectively, honest. In seduction it is better to receive than to give, in making love it is better to give than to receive. One moment pretend to want them, the next pretend to not want them. Feed off your conquests for food, money, and most importantly, for access to more women.

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