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Experience had taught her that usually consisted of high school and college students who didn't have much of a problem with either minimum wage or the lack of benefits as long as the hours were flexible enough.

If any of them grew tired of the job, there were always others ready to take their place.

She was becoming hot and after much whining she also carried of her swimsuit and went for a dip at the lake.

Then, about three years ago, Ruth had the good fortune to have hired a kid really good with computers.

In keeping with that belief, Ruth made it a point to review rental records every week to see just what was renting and what wasn't.

That was one reason customers kept coming back to All Star, despite the larger variety available at most chain stores.

After all, how hard was it to keep the shelves stocked and check tapes in and out.

The other tenet, which she considered even more important than the first, was to always make sure that the inventory reflected what customers wanted.

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