Dating site for meeting friends

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Groups used to be too public and were hard to use as a means for creating connections.

Now, people are talking more in them and are taking them more seriously, so it’s worth a shot!

If you’re not there already, subscribe to Nextdoor, and meet your neighbors.

Either way, you wouldn't be in the minority of adults if you sometimes wished for a new friend or two to enter your life.I went to school for 7 years and was so busy with work and academics that I didn't make any friends post High School. I didn't think I would meet anyone who was serious enough to build a friendship, but I was very wrong. Back when I was new to town, I was desperate to meet other women.I was unemployed and didn't really interact with anyone.I highly recommend to try this app and use it to meet potential friends in your area.Meeting people based on things you have in common is the best way to go.

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