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The Patriots have a .771 winning percentage under Brady since 2001.2016 record: 4-0 Week 4 ranking: No.4 10: The Vikings are 4-0 for the first time since 2009, and they are doing it behind a combo of solid offense and defense.You have to do it a lot less frequently, as the older one gets, the less one spends on friend time.Also, it will take place in much more pleasant venues, like a nice restaurant instead of a filthy dive bar (but don’t completely forsake the filthy dive bars).You’re young and doing what you can for the time being. The Broncos maintain an unblemished record and their hold on the No. Convincing Week 4 victories by Seattle and Pittsburgh pushed ESPN's power panel (a group of more than 80 writers, editors and TV personalities) to move both teams up to No. ESPN Stats & Information contributed the following information, which this week focuses on the numbers to know for each team.2016 record: 4-0 Week 4 ranking: No.If this pace keeps up, Seattle could allow the fewest points for the fifth consecutive season.2016 record: 3-1 Week 4 ranking: No.

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The Steelers are currently averaging 27 points per game.2016 record: 3-1 Week 4 ranking: No. 12, had an entrance song, it'd be time to cue his music.

The Patriots are 3-1 as Brady returns to their lineup and the rest of the league is on notice.

Check out the rest of the league and where each team ranks.

138.4: You can run but you really can't hide from this Broncos pass rush.

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