Bill rancic dating game

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“I’m a pretty low-key kind of guy.” Will this reality romance last? We saw romantic highs, emotional lows and a jealous ex-girlfriend pull a power move.Say hello to the latest made-from-TV romance: “The Bachelor”‘s Jen Schefft and “The Apprentice”‘s Bill Rancic, PEOPLE reports in its latest issue.The reality show veterans, who met at a charity event, have shared intimate dinners together in Chicago, where they both live and work.On stage, Amber called out Kari and said she was playing a cat and mouse game with Ben, and in doing so probably lost some of his trust.Kari assured the matchmakers she wouldn’t be on this journey if Ben weren’t the one, but Matt still seemed skeptical.

Since then Schefft, a special-events coordinator, kept a low profile until she met Rancic, 32, the founder of an online cigar club.RELATED: Ready For Love’s Tim Lopez Is ‘Terrible at First Dates’ Ben’s Date Ben and his ladies shimmied and shook their way to a salsa dancing date.And Ben – or the “kissing bandit” as I like to call him – made some more physical connections along the way.Ex-girlfriend Kari caught wind of Ben kissing the other girls and told him not to be a lip-slut. Kari held out on kissing Ben herself, but promised that a kiss from her would be well worth it in the future.Ben seemed to be struggling because he came on the show to find his wife, but with an ex in the picture it could be hard for him to have enough room to freely explore his feelings with the other girls.

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