Albert camus an adulterous woman online dating bad emails to professors

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It’s a really short but one of the most impactful stories I’ve ever read.

It’s about a wife accompanying her businessman husband on a trip to Algeria. On the bus to the hotel, Janine notices a French soldier who seems to be attracted to her and she feels flattered. However, the soldier walks away later without acknowledging her at all. They then head to a nice spot after Janine’s persuasion and there she feels a great sense of release looking at the nomads and the sky and the wide desert horizon. Later that night, Janine waits till her husband is asleep and she sneaks out once more to the same place earlier. Camus then ends with the phrase “ Interestingly, Janine did not commit any physical adultery but rather an “adultery” with nature.

Therefore, she tends to feel as dreary as the dry desert in an Arabian land. As what I had expected, Albert Camus wanted to indicate his philosophy on Absurdism in the story. I am still impressed by his ability to put his philosophical ideas into a story with his exceptional writing skills, particularly by his way of associating them with the mystical world.

Now, should I subjectively conclude that someone is likely to be adulterous when she is childless and not given much emotional attention by her husband?

Janine doesn’t have a good relationship with Marcel and describes him as old, inert, motionless. She feels really good again (Camus describes it really well here unlike me) and ends up lying on her back under the stars moaning. I’m not a good literature type of guy so I can’t read between the lines a lot!

The preacher concluded that Janine was facing loneliness.

Janine is married but childless to a man who is so preoccupied about his business.

Taken along by her husband to an Arabian land on business, she was attracted to an Arabian soldier who offered her some lozenges on the bus.

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So,in law,a woman is said to commit adultery when she does so ; a man,concubinage.Rather, we can put it mildly that she has committed “After a moment…it seemed to her that the sky above her was moving in a sort of slow gyration.In the vast reaches of the dry, cold night, thousands of stars were constantly appearing, and their sparkling icicles, loosened at once, began to slip gradually toward the horizon.Thus, I found out that the title has no relevance to the story.I do not find any crime committed by the main character , Janine unless you may call it a prima facie manifestation.

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